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Chartered Financial Planner reveals career client lessons

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Donald Fraser Donald Fraser

Chartered Financial Planner Donald Fraser FPFS, director at Capital Asset Management, revealed his client lessons and mistakes to avoid in a recent chat with Financial Planning Today magazine.

The full interview with Mr Fraser appears in the latest issue of the magazine, which is out now.

In a far-reaching chat Mr Fraser spoke about his long career, finding great clients and keeping them happy over the long term, and his views on Financial Planning.

Asked what is the key to long-term relationships with clients and ensuring
they stay with you, he said: “You have to love your clients.

“Total engagement and nothing superficial.

“Celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas with hand-written personalised cards.

“Be there for their highs and the lows.


“If you view clients as money-machines, the relationship will never be close.

“When they mention hobbies or exotic travel, find a useful book or guide and send it as a gift.

“Always look clients in the eye and tell the truth.

Honesty is everything.

“Don’t be judgmental because everyone has their own back story.

“Educate them to learn to concentrate on what’s important in their life, not what the markets are doing.”

Turning to lessons picked up in his career he said: “Don’t try and please everyone and avoid being a Jack of all trades.

“Round pegs and square holes aren’t a good fit.

“There needs to be a mutual connection: age, gender, hobbies, sports, interests whatever.

“Work as a team with clients.

“Nobody expects a brain surgeon to book appointments, mop the floor or control the anaesthetics.

“So don’t do multi-roles at work.

Be great at what you do. Let others do their role well.”

Mr Fraser also revealed he once made a mistake early in his career in which he strayed into politics and religion when speaking to a client.

He recalled: “In my early days I met a wealthy widow.

“We got on well and then I shared a political/ religious opinion.

“Her countenance didn’t change.

“Always polite to the end.

“I never heard from her again.

“I haven’t repeated that mistake again.”


  • To read the full interview with Donald Fraser click here.


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