Thursday, 07 February 2013 09:34

Financial Planner Paul Gorman joins Beaufort Group to become Beaufort Planning

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Beaufort Group Beaufort Group
Financial Planner Paul Gorman CFPCM has changed the name of his firm from IFS (Professional Connections) to Beaufort Planning.

The changes are due to Mr Gorman joining the Beaufort Group network, which he says better reflects the aims of the company.
Beaufort Group was set up by former Honister Capital director Alan Easter in January 2012. Advisers wishing to join the group must be qualified to QCF Level 4 and have a commitment to passing Certified Financial Planner status within three years. As a partnership, each partner firm helps shapes the direction of the group with all firms working towards a common brand.
Mr Gorman, who has offices in Leamington Spa and Essington, West Midlands, said one appeal was the group's in-house investment management expertise.
Mr Gorman said: "We are very excited at becoming founding partners of this new group and are looking forward to working with people who hold similar values and beliefs.
"In particular, we see numerous benefits for all our clients through the Beaufort Group's very strong in-house investment management expertise, with both discretionary and advised management available through risk focused and price focused portfolios."
He said he had begun communicating the changes with his clients and that they had been "positive" about the rebranding.
Andrew Bennett, director of the Beaufort Group, said: "We are delighted that IFS have joined the Beaufort Group and believe that they will bring considerable expertise and experience that will further strengthen our capability to deliver market leading service."

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