Thursday, 20 April 2017 09:14

Abraham Okusanya releases new app for Financial Planners

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Abraham Okusanya Abraham Okusanya

Abraham Okusanya has finalised his new app for Financial Planners which allows them to calculate sustainable withdrawal rates from a retirement portfolio.

The innovation allows advisers to assess sustainable withdrawal rates from a retirement portfolio, according to Mr Okusanya. Safe withdrawal rates from retirement portfolios have been a major talking point in the Financial Planning community for some time.

It costs £49 per month per firm for businesses with 1 adviser for up to 100 clients or £79 per month per firm for those with 2 to 5 advisers – for unlimited clients.

The app uses 117 years of historical market data and ONS cohort longevity projections, according to its creator.

Mr Okusanya, director at FinalytiQ Limited, an investment, pension and platform research consultancy, said: “After weeks of beta testing, I am pleased to let you to that Timeline, the sustainable withdrawal rate app, is now officially open for business! For real this time. The app is one of a kind, not only in the UK but globally! Indeed we have a US version of the app, with Austrialian and Canadian versions to follow!

“This is by far the most challenging and most beautiful thing we've ever created, so I'm excited to see how it develops.”

Former London IFP branch chairman Mr Okusanya said: “With Timeline app, Financial Planners can calculate sustainable withdrawal rates from a retirement portfolio. You can test various asset allocation models, see the impact of fees and help your clients visualise likely outcomes at every single stage of retirement.

"Timeline app isn’t a crystal ball. It uses extensive academic research, historical returns and mortality data to assess how a retirement strategy might fare under various market conditions.”

He said: “Retirement researchers have identified several dynamic withdrawal strategies that are more likely to lasts a lifetime. From Bengen’s baseline approach, Guyton’s guardrail strategies to Kitces ratcheting rules.

“Timeline app enables you to see how any one of these sustainable withdrawal strategies aligns with your client’s needs.

“The app shows you the chances of any age up to 125! And the odds of your portfolio lasting as long as you do.”

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