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Chartered Financial Planner talks about DFM launch

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 Chartered Financial Planner and entrepreneur Damien Rylett Chartered Financial Planner and entrepreneur Damien Rylett

When it comes to multi-tasking it seems that Chartered Financial Planner and entrepreneur Damien Rylett knows how to juggle things perfectly.

Not only is Mr Rylett managing director of Brunel Capital Partners, but he is also responsible for the launch of his recently-established DFM investment management firm IronBright.

In an article in the latest Financial Planning Today magazine, Mr Rylett explains the rationale behind the expansion and how his firm has grown.

He said: “In May 2016, we acquired Pilgrim Financial Planning in Wells, Somerset, so I have responsibility for overseeing the integration of the two firms.”

Mr Rylett said of Iron Bright: “It is based on a philosophy of “simplicity, transparency and liquidity” so the portfolios avoid anything that fails these three tests. There are no hedge funds, no structured products, no complex derivatives and no absolute return funds. Just simple building blocks to deliver a return the planner and their client needs to achieve their goals.”

“We work with a wide range of client types from small business owners and professionals to those that have been awarded a significant sum of money after an injury. Our approach lends itself to people who are approaching and transitioning into retirement or the next stage of their lives. We are always looking for ways to improve our offering for clients and took the decision to offer lasting powers of attorney to existing clients.”

Mr Rylett established Brunel Capital partners as he saw a shortage in firms that had “the ability to look after the client and put them at the centre of everything.”

He said: “Brunel Capital Partners was established in 2011 by four of us who had previously been colleagues. We had all experienced takeovers which had seen us move from small firms to large ones.”

He therefore along with his partners decided to create a firm that was “successful as a result of being client centred, not in spite of it.”

The business has around 600 active clients and returned over £1.2 million in the last financial year. That is projected to be more like £1.6 million this financial year.

Find out more about Brunel Capital Partners by reading the article HERE.

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