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Paraplanner trainee’s meteoric rise to boss in 2 years

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A graduate who joined LEBC as a trainee in the Paraplanning team in 2016 has made a "meteoric rise" to become head of the adviser network’s regional office.

Paul Bowater, now a Chartered Financial Planner, has become head of LEBC’s Hull branch.  
The company said that after joining in May 2016, he has had a “meteoric rise to manager” which “vindicates the firm’s decision to establish the LEBC Graduate Academy”.  This has prepared many candidates for a career in Financial Planning, the firm said.

Mr Bowater said: “When you start out as an adviser you will typically have none of your own clients – and that can be incredibly daunting.  This is not the case at LEBC as a significant proportion of the company’s work involves advising large volumes of employees, many of whom need ongoing individual advice. You have a ready-made client bank to start working on as soon as you are qualified, and you have the confidence to do so.
“This helped generate client activity and to build my confidence – and by working with various client scenarios, to expand my knowledge.  I can now share my experience and knowledge with other academy graduates, many of whom will themselves go on to head an LEBC branch.”
Jeremy MacLeod, managing director, said: “At a time when the typical financial adviser is in their mid-50s and when there has rarely if ever been a greater need for independent financial advice, the requirement for new entrants to the market is huge. The academy plays a key role here at LEBC, delivering a steady stream of Financial Planners to service the ever-evolving needs of our clients.”
Hull is one of two LEBC Graduate Academy centres which provide individuals with a clear career path within financial services. 

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