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Paraplanners Powwow hailed as ‘a force of nature’

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Caroline Stuart opens Paraplanners Powwow 2018 Caroline Stuart opens Paraplanners Powwow 2018

Paraplanners Powwow has been hailed as a unique “force of nature” as the event began this morning.

One of the hosts, Caroline Stuart, spoke at the start of the event, which is held in teepees in rolling fields, in Aynho, Northants.

She told the gathering of Paraplanners: “It’s the sixth Powwow, which is amazing.

“I’m fortunate enough to have been to all of them and I remember the first one.

“I didn’t really fee comfortable at professional events and didn’t really get involved, then I heard about this Powwow and I went along.

“I was not like anything I’d ever been to before.

“Somebody said something I didn’t quite agree with and, for the first time, I spoke up and now I’m hosting it and it’s incredible.

She added: “Now, six years on, it is a force of nature, it's a collaborative, it’s put on by Paraplanners for Paraplanners.”

Today’s event is set to feature a number of expert speakers, including the FCA’s Chris Hewitt, who will talk about DB reviews and transfers.

The Western-themed event features campfires and face paint to accompany the informal ‘unconference’ discussions.
This year’s Paraplanners Powwow began last night when Paraplanners met ahead of the event for a meal – or ‘Chowwow’.

• Financial Planning Today will feature coverage of the event throughout the day so check back with us regularly.


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