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How firms are getting involved in Financial Planning Week

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Financial Planning Week 2018 Financial Planning Week 2018

With Financial Planning Week under way two firms have revealed what they are doing to mark the event and boost the profile of Financial Planning.

Yesterday Sarah Elson DipPFS, Chartered MSCI of Berry & Oak, told Financial Planning Today that her firm had created “eye-catching images and questions to get people thinking.”

The questions included: “If you knew you had five years to live what would you do differently today.”

She added: “At Berry & Oak we are spreading the word on all of our social media platforms about Financial Planning.

“We have written some blogs which are being added to our website and shared and we are focusing on a theme each day, for example the theme for today is ‘Bucket Lists’, working on the basis that a proper Financial Plan will help you to achieve all of the things that you want to do with your life.

“But do you really know what they are?


“Tomorrow, we will be sharing some thoughts and video testimonials from our clients on how having a Financial Plan has made them feel.
“At Berry & Oak we offer all of our initial planning meetings at our cost with no obligation.

“So we are sharing this too and asking people to get in touch with us.”

Ed Gibson, head of financial services at Shawgibbs, added: “This is our first year supporting Financial Planning Week and we’re holding free surgeries in our London and Oxford offices that are proving pretty popular. 

“We’re sharing tips and client stories and are promoting Financial Planning Week in the local press and on boards/screens in the office and local area. 

“Our colleagues in the rest of the firm (tax, accounts, audit) are delighted to support us in this as well and are getting the message out where and when they can. 

“It’s an excellent initiative and anything that raises the profile of proper planning has got to be good.”
More than 50 firms are participating in the event this week with the theme ‘make dreams happen’.

Jacqueline Lockie CFPTM, Chartered FCSI and CISI head of Financial Planning, said: “Financial Planners can help people achieve their life goals, build financial confidence, combat anxiety and stress about money and deal with life’s challenges around day-to-day financial decisions.”

She added: “Our aim is to encourage all UK consumers to stop and think about their own personal financial plan to take advantage of these free one-to-one confidential financial guidance sessions to plan for the life you want.”


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