Monday, 12 November 2018 09:41

SJP Academy celebrates new Financial Planning graduates

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Jason Flood Jason Flood

St. James’s Place Wealth Management has welcomed another 41 qualified advisers to a new career in Financial Planning.

The firm’s Academy also produced 13 Level 4 qualified Paraplanners, who were recognised at a graduation ceremony last week at Guildhall London, which celebrated the success of all 54 individuals.
The Academy gives learners the opportunity to undergo thorough training before being offered the chance to become wealth advice professionals or Paraplanners within the St. James’s Place Partnership. 

With three different career programmes available, the Academy currently has more than 400 people actively working towards qualifying as a wealth advice professional. 
Since 1992, the number of financial advisers in the UK has fallen, while demand for face-to-face financial advice has continued to increase, resulting in what SJP called “a substantial shortage of quality professional advice in the market.”

The St. James’s Place Academy seeks to bridge this gap by producing the next generation of educated, ethical and committed wealth advice professionals. 

Academy graduates can enjoy the autonomy of running their own business under the umbrella of St. James’s Place or choose to work within existing Partner Practices.

Around quarter (24%) of all Academy joiners have been women and the average age of graduates is 37.
Jason Flood, Academy director, St. James’s Place, said: “It has been a wonderful day celebrating the successes of our Academy graduates.

“It’s great to see them enjoying a moment of recognition following some really hard work and dedication to their new craft, and looking forward to helping clients to achieve their financial aspirations.

“The quality of these individuals as well as the level of expertise we are adding to St. James’s Place and the profession, gives me great confidence in the future provision of excellent advice for clients.”

“I’m proud of their achievements so far and delighted to see more diverse and driven individuals joining our programmes every day.”


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