Friday, 30 November 2018 10:41

New hires at firm that ‘emphasises Financial Planning’

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Andrew Formica Andrew Formica

Multi-family office Artorius Wealth Management has made a series of new appointments to help deliver its growth plans.

The Manchester-based wealth adviser appointed what it called “four senior business and City leaders” to join its Advisory Council.

The firm has appointed Andrew Formica, James Leigh-Pemberton, Darren Carter and Bill Holroyd to support its executive management team in “the next phase of the firm’s growth.”

The announcement followed the completion of a £17.5m fund-raise and coincided with a new brand launch.


Artorius says its ‘Key Adviser’ model has led to a 19% increase in assets under management to £810m over the last six months (as of 31st October).

Commenting on the appointments, Ian Marsh, CEO, said: “The newly appointed Advisory Council members are well-known to Artorius and have been highly supportive of our distinctive business model and approach to date.

“With their appointment we have access to invaluable board level skills as well as an authoritative blend of continuity and fresh perspectives.”

Artorius has offices in Manchester, London and Zurich and was established in 2015.

Recent hires include: Jane Fowke as senior wealth planning partner who joined in July from SG Kleinwort Hambros; Tina Winder, as group compliance office joining in July from Tilney and Phil Carroll, alternative investment manager who joins in January 2019 from Shore Capital PLC.

Mr Marsh added: “Artorius provides exceptional client service, driven by the needs of individual clients and their families, now and in the long term.

“We have no products for sale and we are owned by employees, clients and independent shareholders.

“We provide wealth advice, family governance and consolidated reporting.

“We work with third parties to deliver best in class financial solutions in addition to our leading discretionary investment services.

“The transformative ‘Key Adviser’ model we are emphasising is the consolidation - under one roof - of a client’s often disparate investment holdings whether by geography, size, asset class or investments held with different managers or banks.

“We are different from institutions, who naturally have a bias to selling their products, as we are finding highly sophisticated entrepreneurs want personalisation and are tired of being sold to.

“Relationship managers take full responsibility for coordinating, reporting to, and collaborating with, a client’s legal and accounting professional adviser in order to ease administrative burdens and allow clients the freedom to get on with their lives.”

Mr Marsh concluded by saying the firm’s “emphasis on Financial Planning and high-levels of professionalism and attentive service” had proved to be “a major attraction to clients.”


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