Monday, 03 December 2018 11:00

NS&I creates 400th Premium Bond millionaire

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NS&I's Jill Waters NS&I's Jill Waters

NS&I has reported that its ‘Agent Million’ has made their 400th visit to a Premium Bond holder to give them the news they have scooped the £1m jackpot.

The first Premium Bonds millionaire was created in April 1994 and the 400th this month.

Since 1994 Agent Million has made 6 trips to Northern Ireland, 22 visits to Scotland, 17 visits to Wales and a trip to every county in England at least once.

NS&I awards the tender for advice to the jackpot winners every few years, usually seeking a Chartered or Accredited Financial Planning firm.

Earlier this year NS&I announced that a Chartered Financial Planning firm, Matrix Capital, based in Monkhopton, Shropshire, had again won the contract to advise the Premium Bonds £1 million jackpot winners. The firm secured a new three year contract.

This December’s two winners are in London and Kent.

NS&I says the 400th millionaire, a woman from Kent, has £5,300 in Premium Bonds, less than the average jackpot-winning holding of 2018 of £35,135.

The 400th jackpot-winning Bond number was only bought in July.

The 399th winner is a woman from London who has £40,000 invested in Premium Bonds. She’s the fifth Premium Bonds millionaire created in London this year.

Jill Waters, retail director at NS&I, said: “Premium Bonds have made a real impact on people’s lives since the first prize draw in 1957, and while many good news stories never reach NS&I, Agent Million has endeavoured to deliver the news of a £1 million jackpot win come rain or shine.”

In total, there are over 1.5m unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes worth £60m.

In London, there are over 190,000 unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes worth £7.8m. The highest unclaimed prize is worth £50,000,

Since the first draw in June 1957, ERNIE, the NS&I computer, has drawn 423m winning prizes with a total value of around £18.9 billion.

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