Tuesday, 08 January 2019 10:07

DFM buys 19.99% stake in Plymouth-based IFA Continuum

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Continuum Continuum

DFM Marlborough Group has acquired a stake in National IFA Continuum.

The agreement, for a “substantial” yet undisclosed amount, sees the Marlborough Group taking a 19.99% stake in the Continuum business.

Plymouth-based Continuum revealed Marlborough Investment Management, a Marlborough Group company that provides discretionary fund management services, will collaborate with it “to further support their strong business growth plans.”

Continuum managing partner, Martin Brown, said the process of identifying a long-term partner had taken over 18 months.


He said: “Having shortlisted a varied range of potential partners and following a robust selection process, we considered Marlborough to be the standout partner for our business.

“There is a strong cultural fit between the two organisations, in addition to Marlborough’s expertise, reputation and track record of delivering exceptional investment performance for clients.”

Nicholas Cooling, deputy chairman of the Marlborough Group, said: “As a group we’re committed to working in partnership with intermediaries to provide support as they grow and we’re very much looking forward to working with Continuum, who have impressed us with their strong commitment to their clients.”

Mr Brown added: “Our focus on a strong three-way relationship between Continuum, the adviser and the client has driven outstanding year-on-year organic growth.

“Our assets under influence have increased to over £750m and are forecast to exceed £1bn in the next 18 months.

“Our advisers enjoy extensive face-to-face and online support, including links with major affinity partners that have resulted in significant productivity increases for their businesses.”

“We continue to seek and invite further high-quality advisers to join in our significant growth plans whilst further developing our partnerships with major accountancy firms across the UK.”


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