Thursday, 10 January 2019 11:57

Walker Crips rebrands private client investment business

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Walker Crips Walker Crips

Walker Crips, which has a Financial Planning arm, has rebranded its private client stockbroking and investment management business to Walker Crips Investment Management Limited.

Formerly Walker Crips Stockbrokers Limited, the rebrand recognises what the firm called “the extent of the company’s services and its development beyond traditional stockbroking services to provide a comprehensive range of investment solutions.”

This is characterised by a commitment to providing investment advice and both tailored and modelled portfolio management to clients.


Walker Crips says it is “dedicated to maintaining the quality of its bespoke solutions for investors, and combines the traditional stockbroker’s approach to high quality client service with the group’s technology-based, modern and extensive wealth management offering.”

Mark Rushton, CEO, Walker Crips Investment Management Limited, said: “This rebrand acknowledges the evolution of our business and reflects the comprehensive range of investment services we offer whilst enabling us to stay true to our philosophy that traditional, high-touch client service improves outcomes.

“As we start the New Year I look forward to working with the team to develop our investment offering further, while we continue to maintain the service culture and high standards that are reflected in our dedication to our clients.”


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