Monday, 11 February 2019 12:12

Vitality launches new mental health cover

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Vitality Vitality

Vitality has launched a new comprehensive mental health cover option, providing unlimited CBT and counselling, as well as cover for out-patient and in-patient mental health treatment.

The policy joins what Vitality called its “holistic mental health package which also includes CBT and counselling, and Vitality Healthy Mind on Core Cover.”

Under the scheme, called Vitality Healthy Mind, more than 20,000 members have clocked up 200,000 mindfulness sessions on mental health apps, in the past six months as part of the Vitality Programme.

The new optional Mental Health Cover module, which went live in January, will provide access to early intervention and support such as unlimited Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and counselling.

People will also have access to an additional £1,500 to be spent on out-patient treatment (e.g. with a psychologist) and, for the most severe cases, 28 days of more comprehensive in-patient or day-patient treatment.

Last year Vitality found, as part of Britain’s Healthiest Workplace (2017), that approximately 60% of UK employees that completed the survey, are suffering from either work-related stress or depression, highlighting the scale of the problem.

With positive mental health an essential part of overall wellbeing, Vitality says it is looking to help address this growing issue with its range of cover and options.

Neville Koopowitz, CEO at VitalityHealth, said: “Our experience and research has shown us that physical and mental health and wellbeing are interlinked.

“We also know that good mental health is about more than the treatment of ill-health, it also requires a focus on general wellbeing and encouraging healthy behaviours.

“We have invested in a range of pathways and treatments for our members, to cater for the broad range of risk – from the ability for people to proactively engage in healthy mental wellbeing activities through Vitality Healthy Mind, and early intervention and treatment through CBT and counselling, through to more comprehensive in-patient support for the most severe conditions.”


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