Editor’s Comment: Female clients need a better deal

Even in these gender-fluid days I have to confess to being entirely male, as far as I know. This means that I will never truly experience what it feels like to be a women patronised by a man. I will never know what it’s like to be treated as a second class citizen by a financial adviser or mortgage broker.


Dan Atkinson: 'Intentionality' in investment must be understood

Recently I’ve been thinking about the word ‘intentionality’. Some things just happen, but most of the time there is something or someone influencing an outcome. We can influence by accident, or we can set out to do something deliberately.


Caroline Stuart: Why Powwow is quirky and fun - but serious too

So the totem pole has been dismantled, the teepees taken down and all the Powwowers have moseyed on back to their ranches with the sun setting on another Paraplanners Powwow.


Atkinson: We need Paraplanning professionals to speak up

Paraplanning has never been so exciting. In June we had the 2017 CISI / IFP Paraplanner Conference and a couple of weeks ago we had the Report Writing HowWow from the Paraplanners PowWow movement. These two events had similar but different aims.

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