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Nicola Watts: Why we are rethinking our fees and charges

Speaking with Financial Planning Today editor Kevin O’Donnell regarding the potential content for this column, things going on in my own business are always “hot topics” and fees and charges are one current issue.


Nicola Watts: Why FCA's new DB transfer advice is refreshing

There has been a lot of coverage in the financial media lately about the FCA’s plans for changes on Defined Benefit (DB) transfer advice.


Chartered Financial Planners: Our take on election fall out

Leading Financial Planners say that the Conservatives recently dwindling fortunes in the polls meant that the election result was far from the shock some experts have said and that a Conservative-led coalition remains likely to try to push through current financial reforms as best it can.


Watts: Why I re-branded my Financial Planning firm

In late 2015 we made the decision to rebrand our business Jane Smith Financial Planning.