Friday, 17 February 2017 12:16

67% of financial services staff bored at work

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A salary benchmarking website has found financial services employees only the sixth most bored at work in terms of leading professions. asked 1,300 professionals if they were bored at work. It says that its results show that law professionals are the least upbeat employees, with 8 out of 10 saying they are bored at work, and that CEOs are just as bored as junior employees.

The company’s survey found that Legal staff said they were the most bored at work with 81% saying they were bored much of the time and 19% not bored. In comparison, only 67% of employees in Financial Services & Banking said they were bored and 33% not bored.

In the legal world, the repetitiveness of dull daily tasks in a junior lawyer's working week, was blamed with work mostly involving researching cases and rulings the main culprit in terms of boring tasks.

The least boring sector was found to be Research & Development with only 45% claiming to be bored at work.



In terms of seniority level, the most bored employees were spread fairly evenly with 66% of entry level workers claiming to be bored and 65% of CEOs, CTOs and CFOs.

The most boring country to work in was said to be the UAE (83% of staff saying they were bored at work). The UK had 64% bored at work, below the 74% of the USA but higher than Switzerland where surprisingly only 51% of staff said they were bored at work, the lowest in the survey.

Alice Leguay, co-Founder & COO at said: 'Boredom at work is a key issue for firms trying to keep millennials engaged, especially in traditional industries such as accounting and legal jobs which can be perceived as dull while employers attempt to give young employees the satisfaction of making an impact in their work life in order to prevent them from moving on too swiftly.

“Without an inspirational leadership figure, or an exciting professional challenge to motivate younger team members, boredom will quickly settle in. Surprisingly, according to our figures, CEOs struggle to enthuse their teams, having fallen prey to boredom themselves, probably due to being tangled in administrative and managerial processes with frustrate their desire to implement a vision and lead their business.”

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