Tuesday, 04 December 2018 11:23

Defaqto adds to Engage Core service after adviser feedback

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Financial data and ratings provider Defaqto has added Key Investor Information Document  (KIIDs) and fund factsheets to its Financial Planning software system Engage Core.

Defaqto recently carried out a major revamp of its Engage Financial Planning software tool in response to financial adviser feedback, relaunching it as Engage Core.

Defaqto says the latest upgrade provides financial advisers with easier, on-demand access to essential details on funds and investment products.

It  believes that by streamlining this “aspect of the Financial Planning process”, advisers will be able to conduct fund research on behalf of clients faster and more efficiently.

The system helps advisers find the right combination of fund, platform and product for clients.


The system is designed specifically for financial advisers needing an end-to-end Financial Planning solution.

Advisers can use the tool for different aspects of the Financial Planning process including risk profiling and product, platform and fund research.

Tom Whelan, head of customer success at Defaqto, said: “We’re always looking at ways in which we can improve our offering to financial advisers and the Financial Planning process.

“The inclusion of KIIDs and fund factsheets to Engage Core will be an asset to advisers. These documents form a key part of an adviser’s service proposition so by providing direct access to these essential documents, advisers conducting fund research on behalf of clients will be able to create real efficiencies in their advice process.”

“Financial advice is as much about providing client service as it is about demonstrating value, whether that’s through tax mitigation or fund selection. By welcoming feedback from the industry, and proactively engaging with advisers, we’re able to develop solutions which will support them in offering exceptional client service.”

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