Planner aids engineer who lost job after oil price collapse

Real life case study: Bill Saunders of Acumen Financial Planning

Financial Planner Bill Saunders CFPTM Chartered MCSI deals with the case of a Chartered Mechanical Engineer who lost his job when the oil price collapsed and was left with little prospect of finding a new job.


Real Life Case Study: Richard Watkins CFPCM of Close Brothers

Richard Watkins CFPCM explores the risks for a successful business owner concerned that if the business turns sour he has little to fall back on. Is he exposing his family to too much risk?


Real Life Case Study: Parminder Bains CFPCM Principal of PSB Wealth LLP

Parminder Bains CFPCM explains how he opened the eyes of a fund manager who was unused to being challenged over her investing decisions. He aimed to help her achieve her ambitions to travel widely and also to make her dream of helping an elephant sanctuary become a reality.


Real Life Case Study: Darren Lloyd Thomas CFPCM

A retired couple are concerned about their shrinking investment portfolio. They turn to Financial Planner Darren Lloyd Thomas CFPCM for advice and guidance as they face an uncertain future.


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