Editor's Column: The growing threat to pension tax relief

Pension tax relief, particularly for higher rate taxpayers, is a hugely used element in the Financial Planner’s arsenal but it’s future may well be in jeopardy along with the Treasury’s commitment to fund pension saving with generous tax benefits.


Editor's Column: Cashflow Modelling works but not for all

The debate on the value of Cashflow Modelling as part of ‘true’ Financial Planning has become a heated one, as we’ve discovered on Financial Planning Today.


Editor's Column: Planners resolute despite Brexit turmoil

A lot of nonsense has already been written about Brexit today. I don’t plan to add to it.


NEW: Editor's Column: Everyone loses to financial crooks

News this week that the FCA has launched a campaign to protect the over-55s from financial fraud will probably have been ignored by most Financial Planners and Paraplanners. At the very best it will have received token interest. That’s a shame and that needs to change. Financial fraud is everyone’s problem and planners have a role to play in tackling it.

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