Friday, 04 January 2019 11:30

Vitality appoints new investment arm deputy CEO

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Justin Taurog Justin Taurog

Vitality has today revealed that VitalityLife’s managing director of sales and distribution, Justin Taurog, has been appointed as deputy CEO of its VitalityInvest arm.

Mr Taurog will focus on operational plans and growing the VitalityInvest business, including the delivery of a direct-to-consumer channel later this year.

He will continue to manage the delivery of VitalityLife.

Several other organisational changes have been made to both the VitalityInvest and VitalityLife businesses, including:

The extension of director of IFA distribution Andy Philo’s role to employed distribution channels, including network relationships, Exclusive Associates, the Key Account Manager channel, the VitalityInvest Employed Business Consultant channel as well as the Digital Business Consultants team.

Sales director Justin Garbutt is now responsible for Vitality’s Franchise channel across Life, Health and Invest as a multi-product distribution channel.

Franchise was described by Vitality as “a key platform in the delivery of Invest growth.”

Director of legal & business support, Sally Burrowes, has taken on additional responsibilities with the VitalityInvest specialist team now reporting to her.

They will all report directly to Herschel Mayers, CEO of VitalityInvest and VitalityLife.

Mr Mayers said: “These organisational changes will make our VitalityInvest and VitalityLife propositions even stronger and will be integral to our continuing success as we extend our investment solutions to the D2C market as well as expand and develop our adviser offering across both businesses.” 


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