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Almost half of adults plan to work in 'retirement'

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Research by an online investment platform has revealed that almost half of UK adults plan to continue working past state pension age.

The survey by Opinium Research for Selftrade, found 46% of adults in the UK envisage working past the age of 65, whilst 20% of those currently under-30 said they don’t think they will ever retire.

Some 2,003 UK adults were surveyed and 31% of those currently under-30 said they expect to work full-time in their ‘retirement’, while half (53%) say they are more likely to work part-time or on reduced hours.

This is a stark contrast to those already in their 50s, with just 13% saying they will go on working forever. Only 4% of people in their 60s said they would work for the rest of their lives.

The main reason behind people wanting to remain in work was the desire to stay mentally active (35%), however, having insufficient savings to fund retirement is also a motive for many (34%).

Richard Donegan, managing director, Selftrade, said: “With the state pension age steadily increasing, it is a reality that we will have to work for longer than our parents’ and grandparents’ generations, and it is clear that people, particularly the younger generations are adjusting their expectations accordingly.

“We are moving to an age where there is no single view of retirement and the savings and pensions’ landscape will need to reflect this.

“What we need now is greater education rather than further tinkering of the pensions and savings system. While we see many benefits to products like the LISA, savings vehicles like this will only prove successful if people understand how they work and how they could benefit.

“Those beginning to look to the future should take steps to understand what savings options are available to them. We’re often impressed by how much younger people have saved up, but hold in cash. While a cash buffer is important, those who can afford to should consider other investment alternatives, particularly if they are thinking long-term.”

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