Tuesday, 10 April 2018 10:37

SIPPs firm celebrates 25 years as assets exceed £2.5bn

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Talbot and Muir Talbot and Muir

Talbot and Muir, SIPP and SSAS firm, was celebrating its 25th anniversary as assets under administration exceeded £2.5bn. 

Set up by Brian Talbot and Graham Muir in 1993 Talbot and Muir initially offered SSASs, but launched its first SIPP in 2000 due to demand from advisers. 
Brian Talbot, director, said: “It doesn’t seem possible that it is 25 years since we started Talbot and Muir in a spare room. 

“We have created a business with over 60 employees, 4,500 SIPPs, over 700 SSASs and £2.5bn in assets under administration. 

“Our vision back in 1993 was to create a business in partnership with key, quality introducers and not to expand too rapidly so that we could provide a quality and continuity of service that continues to differentiate us from our peer group.”
Graham Muir, director, added: “We have built our business on the calibre of staff we employ, and ensure that they enjoy working for the firm, encouraging them to undertake training and formal qualifications.

“This means that we have spent 25 years providing great service to advisers and their clients and remain 100% committed to the market. 
“We continue to focus on what is important to advisers and their clients, following ongoing discussions and development, our website is being enhanced and we have some exciting new ideas for supporting our business partners and advisers that will be unveiled throughout the year.
“The SIPP and SSAS books that we administer are very clean with a low percentage of non-standard investments. 

“This appeals to advisers and we are seeing a number of them looking to move their SIPP books to us, from what they perceive as riskier providers, many of whom they are unsure will remain in the market.”


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