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Leading Financial Planner Martin Ruskin shares top client tips

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Martin Ruskin Martin Ruskin

Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Wealth Manager Martin Ruskin CFP, head of business development at Paradigm Norton and a leading Financial Planning figure, has shared his top client loyalty tips.

Speaking exclusively in the latest edition of Financial Planning Today magazine Mr Ruskin gave his advice on finding and keeping clients.

Asked how he finds his clients Mr Ruskin said: “Finding clients shouldn’t be that difficult – there are definitely enough to go around!

“But the key is finding the ‘right’ client and, arguably, you have to work with a few that aren’t ‘right’ for you to determine this.


“I’m much clearer now on who I work best with and provide most value to and, guess what, once you have worked this out, they will stay because both you and they get something out of the relationship.”
Get to understand and know them.

And, commenting on keeping those clients, he added: “Be genuinely interested in their lives, take the complexity out of the money stuff and be consistent and honest. “Being technically proficient and professional should be a given but this will not make you stand out and keep clients.

“But if they trust you and know that their interests come before your own and the firm you represent, then they will stay.”

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