Pete Matthew CFPCM, managing director, Jacksons Wealth Management, helps a divorcee fearing the future to begin to see she is better off than she thinks and a decent retirement is achievable.
Each month Financial Planner asks a leading professional to share best practice from their business and the story of how they - and their colleagues - built the company.
Applying due diligence to finding the right platform is notoriously difficult. Will planners find the perfect panacea or a poison potion? Geoff Mills, of ratings company RSM, suggests some questions to ask.
Saturday, 16 November 2013 16:15

Inspiring consumers to plan their financial future

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The IFP's Financial Planning week is the consumer campaign to spread the word about the benefits of Financial Planning. Sue Whitbread looks at what's ahead this year.
Market and regulatory change is altering the way planners do business and nowhere is this more obvious than in the ETF sector where retail usage of this once predominantly institutional investment class is growing rapidly.
Damien Rylett of Brunel Capital Partners helps a widow beset by tragedy come to terms with her change in circumstances and get a handle on her complicated finances as she rebuilds her life.

Each month Financial Planner asks a leading Financial Planner to share best practice from their business and the story of how they and their colleagues built their company. This issue we talk to Tina Weeks from Serenity Financial Planning of Barnet, London.
Tuesday, 31 December 2013 16:13

Fasten your seatbelt for the Sipps rollercoaster

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With consolidation and regulatory change under way the Sipps sector could be see radical changes.
Business efficiency and effectiveness are crucial for any Financial Planning firm which wants to stay in business and keep ahead of the pack.
But where to start? How can you measure business effectiveness in a Financial Planning firm?
We asked leading business consultant Brett Davidson, chief executive of FP Advance, to give us his top 10 tips to measure business effectiveness.
Ian Thomas CFPCM helps a successful young couple, who run a growing business, to put their financial house back into balance and plan ahead for their young family and life tomorrow.
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